The principal task of WG4 “Dissemination” is to coordinate the dissemination and communication activities of the Action in close collaboration with the other WGs and the Management Committee (MC). This working group has helped to establish and maintain the research portal on which the ELTeC and all other resources of the Action will be made available, as well as initiating the internal communication mechanisms for the Action. The portal serves as a virtual meeting point of the Action participants and of the larger community of researchers using Distant Reading theories and methods. This WG has also written and published a set of Dissemination Guidelines to support all members of the Action when sharing information about the Action, its aims, activities, achievements and outcomes. Members of WG4 provide advice for the Action on disseminating its findings to fellow scholars and to the wider, interested public via a range of communication channels and tools. This WG, therefore, provides the other WGs with a technical infrastructure and the organisational support to help them achieve their various goals.