The Málaga Meeting will take place from February 17-19, 2020 in Málaga, Spain.

The meeting will feature a Core Group meeting, a Management Committee Meeting, several cross-Working Group meetings as well as hands-on or workshop sessions.

Provisional schedule

  • Monday Feb 17, 10am to 2pm: Core Group meeting (only for Core Group members; check your invitation! Room: 3.01)
  • Monday Feb 17, 2:45 to 3:15pm: ‘Meet and Greet’ before the MC meeting (room 3.02)
  • Monday Feb 17, 3:30pm to 6pm: Management Committee meeting (for all; room: 3.01)
  • Monday Feb 17, 7:30pm: Drinks in town at El Pimpi bodega bar (for all)
  • Tuesday Feb 18, all day: cross-Working Group meetings (for all; see schedule for rooms)
  • Tuesday Feb 18, 8:00pm: joint dinner at Restaurant Kaleido Málaga Port (for all)
  • Wednesday Feb 19, 9am-1pm: hands-on sessions or workshop (open for all, but on a voluntary basis)

Tuesday WG Sessions

TimeTrack 1: room 3.01Track 2: room 2.02Track 3: room 2.01
09:00-10:30WG1 meetingWG2 meetingWG3 meeting
10:30-11:00Coffee break (room 3.02)Coffee break (room 3.02)Coffee break (room 3.02)
11:00-12:30WG1 and WG2 WG3 meetingWG4 meeting
12:30-14:00Lunch break (room 3.02)Lunch break (room 3.02)
14:00-15:00WG1 and WG4WG 2 and WG3
15:00-15:30Coffee break (room 3.02)Coffee break (room 3.02)
WG 1 and WG3WG 2 meeting
Joint final session

Wednesday Hands-On Sessions

  • Walk through ELTeC (parallel session, 9:15-10:45, room 3.01): The “Walk through ELTeC” tutorial introduces the design, structure and access points of ELTeC to all members of the Action. We start with the facsimile and present the workflow for data preparation, creating collections and present existing documentation and presentations. Finally, we present a small exploratory study of the novel titles in ELTeC to provide a first impulse for own studies and research.
  • Identifying Direct Speech using Deep Learning (parallel session, 9:15-10:45, room 2.02: The “Identifying Direct Speech using Deep Learning” workshop presents possibilities of using BERT language model in various NLP tasks, with specific focus on automatic annotation of direct speech in diverse multilingual session. The tutorial will cover introduction to BERT and basic steps in running own experiment.
  • Bringing Direct Speech Annotation to ELTeC texts (joint session, 11:15-12:45, room 3.01): This joint session will discuss the complexity and diversity of direct speech across ELTeC corpora, challenges in its annotation, and present a pipeline for automizable annotation of both ELTeC corpora and other multilingual (and) historical text resources.


Address: University of Málaga, Campus Universitario de Teatinos, The Green Ray building, Avenida Louis Pasteur 47, 29010 Málaga.

Link to a map:

Venues for social events

Monday Feb 17, 7:30pm: Drinks in town at El Pimpi bodega bar; map:

Tuesday Feb 18, 8:00pm: joint dinner at Restaurant Kaleido Málaga Port (for all); map:

Local Organizer / Contact

Prof. Dr. Rosario Arias,